Welcome to my collection of cake photos! Here you will find all the cakes I have made these past few years! I bet you'll leave my site craving something sweet!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carnival Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a carnival birthday party! The Pop Corn cupcakes had mini marshmallows to look like popcorn.

The Cones are filled with cupcake too! They are decorated with frosting, hot fudge and a cherry to replicate an icecream cone!

25th Anniversary

This all white basket weave cake was covered in ButterCream Roses.. Really pretty with the silver 25 decoration on top.

Beach Scene

This cake was for Nicole, a little girl that wasn't appy about turning 10.... she wanted to be 9 again! So I made her a beach cake. Fondant decorations and a little brown sugar to look like sand.

Barnyard Cupcakes

This Cake display was for a birthday party held at a farm. Each cupcake is first decorated with buttercream frosting then a fondant animal. Horse, Pig, Cow and Duck. The Barn is also cake and decorated in fondant to look just like a farm. Check out the fondant shingles on the roof!

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman

Ruff Ruffman is a cartoon Character from a show on PBS. The Birthday Boy was very happy to have his favorite show on his cake!

The Little Mermaid

This Cake had a real Little Mermaid Barbie in the center. The cupcakes were chocolate and had sea creature rings on them that the party guests took home.

Michael Jackson Cake

Everyone Knows Michael Jacksons Famouse Red Jacket and White Glove especially this special birthday girl! She Loved her cake that was covered in fondant. The Glove is fondant with edible white sprinkles!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fourth of July

It's Uncle Sams Hat! Happy Fourth of July! This cake was vanilla with Stawberry Filling! Fed about 50 people!

5th Birthday Cake

This Cake was for a little boy turning 5. He had picked out a pinata that looked exactly like this cake! It was a layer of Chocolate and a layer of vanilla with Buttercream Frosting.

Friday, May 28, 2010

60th Birthday

The first cake is a half sheet made for a guy that loved music and was turning 60!
This Flower two tiered cake was for my Mom. the posts were covered in fondant and all the flowers were made from buttercream. Lots of Love and hours went into this cake. It would feed 50-75 people.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello Kitty

This was my attempt of Hello Kitty! This was a fun cake to make. The Kitty is completely edible. this was on a large round that would feed at least 50 people.

First Communion

These First Communion Cakes are on a half sheet single layer. This will feed 25-30 people. If you need to feed closer to 45-50 people you can chose a double layer sheet cake underneath the cross. Can be done in any color of your choice... Pinks, greens etc....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cup Cake Fun

This Tea Pot is edible, completely Covered in Fondant. The cupcakes below have color flow hearts on them. The color flow hardens into sugar candy that is also edible. This Cake was made for a very special little girl who had a tea party for her birthday!

Bridal Shower

This Bridal Shower cake sure was fun to make! The basket weave complemented the flowers perfectly. The two birds were made from color flow. This cake was a triple layer white cake with Strawberry Filling.

Thomas the Train

Most children at some point in their life Love Thomas The Train! I was happy to get a chance to make Thomas on a half sheet cake.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hannah Montanna

Hannah Montanna is a favorite in our house! The Image of Hannah is plastic but the writing is edible,made out of buttercream.


This Penguin cake was made for a very special girl who was turning 13! She loves Penguins! This cake fed 60-75 people... The Penguin is completely edible including the birthday hat made out of a sugar cone!

Wrestling Ring

This wrestling cake was awesome!! Any Little (or Big) Boy is going to love this!!

Spongue Bob Square Pants

This Spongue Bob Cake was a Huge Hit! The Pineapple on top is a paper decoration! The plastic Characters went really well with the Fondant hand Made Jelly Fish and Sea Weed! The Sand is Brown Sugar.

This was my first attempt at Sponge Bob. It is a 9x13 cake..

Super Heroes

Whatever Super Hero your child likes I can do!

Spiderman is always a Favorite!!

Incredible Hulk is great with his white chocolate teeth and Fire Border!!


My family is definitely Red Sox Fans!! This cake sure made one little boy happy!

The horse shoe cake certainly was a Ringer
!! It was on a Full Sheet Cake and the brown sugar ontop of the brown frosting was to look like playing horse shoes in the sand.

This Basketball Cake was for Freetown Lakeville Basketball Club. The fondant Stars had all the Girls Numbers on them! Everything was edible!...

Girly Cakes

These are a few girl birthday cakes I have done....

The Pink and Purple Swirls was a cake to feed 30 people. The pink squiggles was a huge cake that fed 60 people...

he pink and brown circles and the black polka dots are made out of fondant..The large black circles are cake pops covered in fondant and completely edible!

The ballet slippers I have done a few times.... very cute as a cake topper too if you need to feed a larger crowd. the laces are fondant also.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is super cute all by himself.... but Mickey Mouse Club House Sure was a big hit for my nephews First Birthday!

Simple Yet Sweet

Sometimes you just want a simple cake to feed a large crowd.....

I even made a sheet cake for a bank party!

Adult Birthday

Even us adults deserve special cakes on our birthday!

For my Mom I made a strawberry cream cheese cake with white chocolate decorations..

Then for my sister -in -law and best friend... I had to make something beautiful and elegant like her... so the ribbon and jewled decorations were a great touch.

This gold cake was a full sheet double layer that fed at least 100people.with a simple gold fondant bow...

Animal Cakes

Animals are fun to put on cakes! Max liked Monkeys and was thrilled with the monkey face.

My daughter Abi was obsessed with Lady Bugs for a while so we had a Lady Bug Picnic Birthday! The best part of this cake was the Junior Mint spots and Licorice Legs!

My niece Sarah had a horse at her party so of course.. we had to make a horse cake!!

Whatever animal your child may like.. I can make a cake for that!!